The AspireBox

Cord-Cutter's Dream Machine.

The AspireBox delivers Streaming Media Services, A Personal Cloud Server, WebCam Monitoring, Gaming, An Office Productivity Suite & many more features. All this at a phenomenal price because the AspireBox is built with Open Source Software Goodness.

You want the AspireBox in your life.


The AspireBox

The AspireBox is a blend of innovative cutting-edge technologies distilled to provide effortless, reliable access to best-of-breed Open Source Software. The system is built on Raspberry Pi® hardware, and utilizes the Kodi® Streaming Media Server to provide access to a library of more than 500 audio and video channels from world-wide sources. Many of these channels offer paid subscription programming. Data storage is provided via NextCloud, an open source implentation of Cloud Computing, that has been personalized by Aspire Services. A streaming WebCam solution allows remote viewing of activity from any location and is ultra easy to set up. The AspireBox includes LibreOffice, a office productivity suite that provides document, presentation, and spreadsheet. The AspireBox also provides a set of premium browser based games, and other utilities to enhance your lifestyle. Many of these features are accessable anywhere an Internet connection is available.


AspireBox Complete


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Version I of the AspireBox is awesome, but we have tons of feature upgrades in the works.
Early adopters will recieve major software feature upgrades at no-cost, and enjoy discounts on future product releases.

AspireBox Type A

32GB MicroSD Storage

AspireBox 32GB

AspireBox Type B

64GB MicroSD Storage

AspireBox 64GB

AspireBox Type C

128GB MicroSD Storage

AspireBox 128GB

* Items shown above are representative of the components included. Items received may be different in appearance.
Only one remote control is provided, it appears in duplicate to show the keypad function.


AspireBox Type B


Includes 32GB MicroSD Card, GyroRemote Control with keypad and 2.5 Volt Power Supply

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